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K2 Healing Stone ~ Azurite in Granite ~ Pakistan

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K2 is a recently discovered crystal that was found at the foothills of the K2 Mountain, the second highest mountain in the world. Located within the Karakoram Range which borders Pakistan and China These Beautiful K2 Free forms are a rare combination of Azurite and Granite, the K2 crystal balances your earthly experience with a higher consciousness, allowing you to go deep into the spirit world while being firmly grounded to the earth. Healing Properties: K2 shows us the strength that can be achieved from within from acting in a kind and gentle manner. K2 promotes a deep feeling of unity enabling each member to honour the talents and gifts of each other. It is a stone of communication and will aid acknowledgement of personal truth and promote security to stand firm in heart felt endeavours. K2 helps releases insecurities and negative thoughts, promotes a peaceful environment and releases any aspect of the personality that is not suited to the individual?s higher purpose. Physically K2 is good for the skeletal system, digestive disorders, lower back problems, lung conditions and clearing headaches

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It arrived in a timely manner and had some lavender herbs and a bonus mineral included in it. So special and added to the value of the ring.
Mary K Dickinson - Etsy
Azeztulite crystals speak for them self ! And when they are Azozeo... well,I need more stars!!! Bravo for dealing with Azozeo crystals !
Dragan - Etsy
Really beautiful pink amethyst geode. I love it! Arrived quickly and snugly wrapped against the rigours of our postal system :0) Wonderful things in this shop!!
Ian Cloud - Etsy
Wow! Just looove this!! This is my 1st purchase from this Amaazing Seller and Shop! The pendant is just gorgeous! And this Seller goes above and beyond in their Customer care!! Thank You SO much! 🌸
CAVEJ - Etsy
Love the Moldavite and Saffordite. Thank you Scott!! Keep up the great service
Dan Moraru - Etsy
Spectacular tektite in a very good work in silver, shipping very fast. Thank you
Xicu - Etsy
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