AnandaliteTM (Aurora Quartz) is an exceedingly high vibration master healer crystal whose natural iridescent rainbows harmonize the lightbody into the Earth vibration, preparing the central nervous system for a vibrational shift. It activates all chakras up to the highest level and opens the alta major within the skull. It expands consciousness and introduces a quantum uplift. Aurora then purifies and aligns the whole chakra system to higher frequencies. It strips you to the bare bones of your soul and patiently rebuilds your energy patterns to accommodate a massive energy and consciousness shift into enlightenment on Earth.

AnandaliteTM deconstructs detrimental energy structures and restructures appropriately and introduces the limitless possibilities of multi-dimensional being. It activates the body’s natural healing mechanism and constructs an energy grid for bioscalar waves, plant spirit essences, crystal beings or intentions to anchor into and pass through the biomagnetic field, etheric and physical bodies. In so doing it de-energises and deconstructs any detrimental older energy structure. It gently facilitates the physical integration process for higher vibrations and kundalini energy, releasing any emotional blockages standing in the way of spiritual awakening.

Each colour’s flash has its own unique part to play, see colours below: Swept from the base chakra to the crown and back again to ground the energies AnandaliteTM purifies and aligns the whole chakra system to higher frequencies. Meditating with it reveals that we have operated within a very narrow band of awareness.

CHAKRAS: Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Alta Major, cleanses and activates all

HEALING: AnandaliteTM (Aurora Quartz) is beneficial for all-round well-being, central nervous system, psychic and physical immune systems, unclumping red and white blood cells, improving circulation. flow of fluid, reducing swelling in injuries. It works mainly beyond the physical to activate and harmonize the light body into the earth vibration and prepare the central nervous system for a vibrational shift. It activates both the psychic and physical immune systems and bioscalar waves.

PROPERTIES: Purifying. aligning, raising your vibration, master healer


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