Agni Manitite Tourmaline Sterling Silver Pendant ( 20739 )
Agni Manitite Tourmaline Sterling Silver Pendant ( 20739 )

Agni Manitite Tourmaline Sterling Silver Pendant ( 20739 )

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Agni Manitite Tourmaline Sterling Silver Pendant

The pendant measurers 40mm x 20mm from bail to end of pendant and weighs 4.5gm

Agni Manitite is the name given to a newly discovered stone found on a remote island in the Indonesian archipelago. The name derives from the ancient Sanscrit term Agni Mani, which means "Pearl of the Divine Fire".

Agni Manitite is a stone of initiation. When one invites its energies to merge with one?s own, it can ?tip the scales turning what is merely possible into something actual, transforming potential into manifestation. When one is working toward spiritual awakening and transformation of the self, Agni Manitite can push one forward into the inner processes that need to occur.

Agni Manitite It has a Kundalini activating quality and should also be used when working with Kundalini Yoga, Healing the sacral chakra, and with tantric practices.

Topazhas a joyful, zingy energy that brightens the darkest of moods, boosts confidence and helps you to tap into your inner riches and to share your good fortune and spread sunshine with the world. A traditional stone of good fortune and good health, this vibrant crystal is imbued with joy, generosity, empathy and abundance and promotes truth, forgiveness, openness, honesty, self-realisation and self-control. Instilling trust in the universe, it helps you toberather thando.Topaz sharpens the mind, cuts through doubt and uncertainty and assists in problem solving, sheds light on the path, helping to attain goals. It is also an excellent stone for anyone engaged in the arts and all creative pursuits, helping the expression ideas and conferring astuteness. Emotionally stabilizing, Topaz makes you receptive to love and supports affirmations, manifestation and visualisation. It has the capacity to see both the bigger picture and the minute detail, recognising how they interrelate. Directing energy to where it is needed most, Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges and remotivates. It aligns the meridans of the body. Topaz cleans the aura, induces relaxation, releases tension at any level and can speed up spiritual development where stilted.
CHAKRAS:Solar Plexus, Third Eye
HEALING:Topaz can be used to manifest health. It aids the digestion and anorexia, restores the sense of taste, fortifies the nerves and stimulates the metabolism. A crystal essence can be applied to the skin.
PROPERTIES:Bringing joy, boosting confidence, finding and sharing inner riches,beingrather thandoing,stabilising the emotions, cleaning the aura.

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