Crystal Skulls – Origins, Meanings & Self-Healing

Crystal skulls have surged in popularity, especially in recent times. Some use skulls as a decorative piece around the home while others use them for spiritual guidance, self-healing or Apotropaic magic, and some just find them creepy. Let me touch upon some of these views, uses and preconceptions about crystal skulls.

First let’s look into the symbolic use and see why the skull has a representation of death and mortality.

The skull and crossbones signify "Poison" when they appear on packaging such as cleaning products we use around the home, this symbol indicates the chance of death or danger much like the flags we associate with pirates or the costumes you see at Halloween.

poison skull

As you can see this symbol of death is something, we subconsciously see around us from an early age. So, I can see why people can find skulls creepy, but let me shine a new light on this and see the wonders and magical abilities that are also related;

It has also been known as a symbol of hope or healing and aids psychic abilities or even power over death, some believe certain skull symbols tattooed on your forearm has the power to avert evil influences or bad luck.

Anyway let me get back on track with the origins of crystals and we will continue with the different types of crystal skull's and each of there benefits.

Ancient Origins of the Crystal Skull

While the origins were claimed to be of an ancient era, further investigation of these items show that these were originally manufactured sometime in the mid-19th century. These skulls were crafted during a time when people were fascinated with ancient cultures such as the Aztecs. It is believed that an area in Germany was where these items were actually manufactured, not dug up at archaeological sites as the masses believed.[i]

skull of doom

The most famous of these crystal skulls was the Mitchell-Hedges skull aka “The Skull of Doom” – no wonder why some people find carved skulls frightening, especially from some of the tall tales that were told. It was claimed that “several people who have cynically laughed at it have died, others have been stricken and become seriously ill.”

Crystal skulls may not have had the best reputation due to this shady past, but today the crystal skulls are made with the benefits to the user in mind.

How Crystal Skulls Benefit You Around the Home

Crystal skulls have long been used in certain cultures as a means to access other dimensions of their mind. By doing this, it is believed that you can see the connections between your being and the things around you. The skulls allow the user to awaken to knowledge that they may not have had access to otherwise.[ii]

Whether the origins are what they are believed to be, that doesn’t take away the benefits that crystal skulls offer. The different benefits of the carved skull depend on the type of gemstone it is carved from. Much like different healing crystals around the home can benefit you I different ways using Feng Shui, decorative crystal skulls can impact the energy of the space.

For instance, quartz crystal skulls can amplify the energy of your thoughts as well as the other crystals in the room.

Quartz is the most abundant and powerful healing crystal on the planet. It is a master healer that amplifies, absorbs, stores, unblocks and regulates energy and is excellent for programming.

aura skull

Rainbow Aura Quartz Skulls can help cleanse the aura and can facilitate deeper and higher levels of meditation.  A peaceful and tranquil stone, Rainbow Aura Quartz is useful for communication with Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Teachers.

Atlantasite Crystal Skulls helps access past lives there, reconnecting to your ancient wisdom and encouraging productivity

atlantasite skull

Ruby in Zoisite, also called Anyolite Crystal Skulls enhances psychic abilities, aids in the communication of spirit guides and amplifies spirituality, engaging the body’s own energy field.

Pinolith Crystal rare skullSkulls are a soothing stress-reliever that eases feelings of hurt, loneliness, sorrow or anxiety. Instilling an optimistic approach to life, it reminds you that all life is a spiritual experience.


Crystal skulls are a great way to help heal your spirit and improve the energy of your home. These are more decorative than many other crystals can be, plus they invoke a taste of history and fascination due to the origins of these items. By using crystal skulls and other healing crystals, you can significantly improve the energy in whatever environment you are in and this will improve your life.






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