Moon Cycles

Moon phases and healing crystals are often used during a time of uncertainty and changes we are experiencing within our lives. We have listed the many phases of our moon and the stones which can help in each phase.

There are eight moon phases which can affect our lives in many ways such as the seasons, the tides, and even earth’s rotation. We are all affected by the moon, just like it controls the tides of the ocean, it is easy to see how it could influence our body which is made up of seventy percent water.


  • It takes the moon 29.53 days to orbit earth.
  • Waxing means growing.
  • Waning means decreasing in size.


The moon is between the Earth and sun and cannot be seen at night and this is why it is also known as the Dark Moon, This Moon phase is a good time to start new ventures or beginnings. These 7 Crystals can help you during the New Moon Phase;



The waxing crescent is the best time for planning new beginnings and starting new changes in your life. Waxing means to grow and from this phase you can start putting your plans into action and grow your ambitions


The First Quarter, or Waxing Half-Moon is when the moon is 1/4 of the way around the earth and you can see half of the moon. This is the time when energies are at their peak. Use this time to attract things you want in your life, such as money, success or protection. 


The Waxing Gibbous Moon is when the moon appears almost full, this is a time for constructive behaviour and getting things done. Work towards finishing off those goals previously set, you will require determination and strength to help you achieve these goals.


Earth is between the moon and sun, so we are now seeing an uninterrupted mirror of light. Our emotional side can feel the forces of this phase, beware of the “lunatics” a word which came from the belief that changes of the moon caused intermittent insanity. Productivity is the key to this phase and here are a list of crystals to help you harness it's energy;

The Full Moon is particularly beneficial for recharging the positive energies your crystals hold.


The moon is beginning to shrink and is on its approach to a new moon. Rather than looking to the future it's a good time to reflect on previous phases. Understanding what your intentions are and how you can declutter your life of any negative energies. Cleanse, Adjust & Move on.


The Last Quarter, or the Waning Half-Moon, is the perfect timing for finishing those loose ends before the new cycle begins, clearing physical and mental obstacles is best practiced in this phase through meditation and reorganising your living space to help you through transitions, whether these are changes that you have to make or simply want to make in your life.


The moon appears as a small crescent shape again, as it approaches the Dark Moon phase. The Waning Crescent is a time to rest and end all negativity ready for you to rethink your intentions for the new lunar cycle, look upon your previous cycle for encouragement and take glee in what you have achieved.