Cobaltoan Calcite


Cobaltoan Calcite

Cobaltoan Calcite is known as the crystal of Joy & Unconditional Love as well as the stone of New Beginnings. With the current shift of energies we are going through, this is the perfect stone to assist with the transition on a personal level.  Cobaltoan Calcite comes in a variety of shades within the pink & lavender spectrum. The pink ray always works dynamically on the heart chakra, gently cleansing and then transmuting all stored, negative issues of self-worth, self-confidence and self-acceptance

It gives one the strength needed to release emotional attachments for clearing, and encourages positivity as well as dispels negative energy in the auric field while harmonizing communication among the emotional, etheric and physical bodies.  It can bring an enhanced awareness of your own body language. Cobaltoan Calcite restores motivation; and, raises consciousness, linking one to higher spiritual states, and awakening psychic abilities.  Meditate with this stone when healing past life situations.  


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