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Nuummite can be used in general healing and in tissue regeneration. It has been used to relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches and degenerative disease. It can be used to disperse infections, to purify the blood and kidneys, and to regulate insulin production. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, the vision, and the eyes; it has been used to clarify and to strengthen the eyesight and the speech.

Nuummite is an xcellent stone for the stimulation of the triple-burner meridians as defined by acupressure/acupuncture specialists. It can also be used to stimulate circulation, to assist in the recovery from Parkinson’s disease, to treat disorders of the central nervous system, to treat disorders of the brain, to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help to protect against the negative vibrations of pollutants, at the physical level, via the creation of an energy field which it builds within the aura.
The 'Stone of Meditation', a perfectly matched stone to be used in meditation and deep relaxation practices.

Nuummite will help calm and stabilise the mind and body in preparation for a deep relaxed state, it is a stone to help bring the deeper state of mind on the intended focus point.  Nuummite is also very good to enhance the dream state, bringing insight and psychic visions in an appropriate manner to it's keeper.  Nuummite is also beneficial in warding off that of negative nature or negative intent, for this, one must keep the stone close by at all times.  Also Nuummite is likely to help lift the mood, lift negative thoughts and feelings, calm stray and mixed emotion.  This stone is helpful in the protection against " energy vampires ", also against none human sources that can also pierce the beings auric field and drain off energy that can lead to lethargy and disease.


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