Siberian Blue Quartz Tumblestone ( 561633 )
Siberian Blue Quartz Tumblestone ( 561633 )

Siberian Blue Quartz Tumblestone ( 561633 )

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Siberian Blue Quartz Tumblestone

The crystal will be randomly pciked and weighs approx 4gm to 6gm 

Siberian Blue Quartz was created in Russia and is a cobalt blue laboratory grown Quartz. This stone has a hexagonal (triagonal) crystal structure and is chemically silicon dioxide. Silica is a mineral used in mineral makeupThe cobalt in the crystal gives it the striking blue colour. Colours have their own special healing meanings.
Most psychics and learned individuals are of the opinion that in spite of being a laboratory made stone, Siberian Blue Quartz has a lot of energy. This stone has a great amount of Blue Ray which is not found in any other kind of stone. Physically this stone helps in healing all kinds of problems related to the heart and the brain. It is particularly effective in healing issues concerned with the prefrontal lobes of the brain. It can also help people afflicted with problems like dementia and memory loss. It can help people in bringing back their memories. This stone also helps in soothing sunburns. This stone can also heal infections of the throat, ulcers of the stomach, depression, inflammation, stiff neck and muscles.

Siberian Blue Quartz is a joint effort of man and nature. This stone has a flawless nature and does not have any impurities. This helps in a stabilised form of rotation in the molecules and aids in better transmission and circulation of energy in the crystal. Since it has Quartz in it, this stone is a great amplifier, carrier and helps in focusing all the energies of the quartz. This stone is a great combination of serenity, beauty and purity. It corresponds to the throat and brow chakra and helps in enhancing intuition, communication, clairvoyance, detachment and inner vision. This stone aids in cleansing the throat chakra. With the help of this stone a person can overcome the self limiting beliefs and enter the world of endless possibilities. It also aids in reducing tension and all kinds of stress and helps in detaching from the mundane matters and lower emotions in life. This stone helps in enhancing the flowof communication and helps a person to see the bigger picture and removes all kinds of stress and confusion resulting from the lack of knowledge. It
’s a great healing stone, particularly for those people who are seeking solitude, quiet and peace. It helps the seeker to find enlightenment through higher knowledge and wisdom. It helps spiritually sensitive beings like Star Children to adjust and become comfortable on planet earth. This stone is quite programmable and can be used to enhance psychic abilities. It can also assist people psychically in looking for lost people or objects. Sleeping with this stone in such matters can bring forth enlightening dreams and visions which can help the person in his quest.

This stone is great for people who work on mind or sight related pursuits. These include people involved in science, mathematics, public speaking, creative writing, teaching and acting. It also helps people who want to undergo past life regression or communicate with their spirit guides.
Siberian Blue Quartz corresponds to the throat, third eye and crown chakras. It corresponds to the elements of wind and water


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