Kammererite Polished Slice Crystal
Kammererite Polished Slice Crystal

Kammererite Polished Slice Crystal

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Kammererite Polished Slice Crystal
The Kammererite weighs 18gm and measures 40mm
Kammereriteis one of the Chlorites. This crystal works best on the Third Eye Chakra. It also helps the Crown Chakra reach higher. Kammererite helps you to be more open to other belief structures. This crystal joins the Heart to the Third Eye and to the brain as well, allowing those three to join in recognizing truths. It activates all of the Chakras and cleanses your Aura. Used with Carnelian, these crystals will unite your physical body with your Higher Self. The metaphysical properties of Chlorite and Clinochlore also apply.

Chloriteis one of the best healing crystals, especially the Chlorite in Clear Quartz Crystals. These crystal bring the powerful healing of Mother Earth to you. Chlorite connects you to the "I AM" and also enhances your spirit of cooperation with others. This crystal cleanses the Chakras and your Aura.

Chlorite dispels all of the negative emotions. It helps you stop these emotions at the source.

Chlorite, Carnelian, and Ruby Crystals together are a powerful weapon against psychic attack and can also help spirits that are Earth-bound to leave an area. Gridding with those three crystals can prevent the return of negative energies.Chlorite can protect you from energy implants and psychic attack.

Clinochloreis also a superior healing crystal, healing all of the physical bodies. It brings strength to a relationship. This crystal encourages your independence while keeping your "get-along" skills with other intact. This crystal cleanses your Chakras and Aura.

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